Acupuncture for Weight Loss



A 78-year-old woman has been working at losing weight, she has lost 20 pounds by herself, but her weight has hit a plateau around 176 lbs. for the past 6 months no matter how hard she tries. Frustrated, she came to HolliBalance Well-Being Center hoping to lose another 5 to 10 pounds. She loves to cook and her husband likes to eat; therefore, she cooks a lot of hearty meals that can make it difficult to lose weight. She also has some problems with portions and she tends to crave sweets. Along with this she is very social and is constantly surrounded by pastries and deserts which contribute to her weight gain. She started a combination of special exercises taught by Dr. Song, acupuncture treatments, and customized herbal formula. The herbal formula has helped curb her cravings for sweets. She has better control of the portions when she is eating. She was able to lose 8 pounds in just three weeks!


A 52-year-old hairdresser, going through Menopause, has familial high cholesterol and has had a triple-bypass surgery.  Since her surgery, she has gained 35 pounds from medication, Menopause, and not exercising properly.  She, also, has a permanent clogged artery in her upper back and due to her work she develops a lot of tension in her back.  She tried to use the treadmill but she feels that it is too harsh on her body, leading to shortness of breath.  When she tried weight lifting she was successful in losing some weight; however, her back felt worse as it caused tension in her shoulders. She has some cravings for sweets and chocolates, especially York Peppermint Patties.  She also craves carbohydrates, such as breads and pastas. 

After coming to HolliBalance Well-Being Center, she started doing a combination of acupuncture, customized herbal formula, and Tai Chi.  The customized herbal formula helped curb her cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.  The acupuncture helped her Menopausal symptoms by reducing her hot flashes and night sweats.  She now does not have night sweats and only rare incidences of hot flashes.  After one acupuncture treatment, her upper back pain from the clogged artery and muscle tension due to her work has almost disappeared.  Sometimes at the end of the day she feels tightness in that area, but it is easily reduced by the exercises Dr. Song has taught her.  Acupuncture also helped her metabolism in combination with the abdominal exercises taught by Dr. Song, she feels her waist line has reduced after a month.  She lost 12 pounds during the first month!