About Dr. Yi Song

The founder of HolliBalance, Dr. Yi Song, has always been interested in the effects of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She benefited from the power of Chinese Medicine when she was growing up in Beijing, China. Dr. Yi Song comes from a family with generations of doctors in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her grandparents served as private physicians of Chinese leaders and her ancestors were Chinese emperor's palace doctors.

Her goal since her early childhood has been to relieve human beings from the suffering of disease and issues like Infertility, Heart Stroke, Pregnancy, Anxiety, Weight Loss etc. and in turn she had originally chosen to pursue a biomedical research career. She did her Ph.D. study at Brown University, researching aging and cancer related genetic damages from free radical attacks. She gradually realized that engaging upon chemical treatment only after problems have already arisen is not a viable approach to achieving a high-quality healthy life. She became more and more attracted to the philosophy of Chinese Medicine: maintaining health while still being healthy and relieving bodily imbalances as early as possible. This led to her belief that the practices of both Chinese and Western Medicine should grow to recognize one another, and the philosophies of Chinese Medicine should be promoted to the public so that people can experience great health improvement. The Chinese medical system was developed over 5,000 years ago, growing to yield a wide spectrum of self-cultivation and health-maintenance beyond today's advocations. Dr. Yi Song switched her career completely from Western biomedical science to traditional Chinese Medicine with the goal of guiding people to the discovery of the healing power within themselves, as well as that of making it possible for more people to enjoy balanced healthy lives.

She has been practicing Acupuncture & Tai Chi in Boston for more than a decade and peformed Tai Chi demonstrations during her college years at Peking University. She recognized that Tai Chi has not become a popular form of exercise in the West due to the length of the traditional forms and the difficulty in memorizing and executing all the movements. Dr. Yi Song believes that Modern Simplified Tai Chi formats make it possible for the general public in the West to benefit from this ancient exercise as part of self-cultivation in Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Yi Song is a national board (National Certification Committee on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) certified Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist in Massachusetts, and Doctor of Acupuncture in Rhode Island. She is also the founder and director of Hu-Song Foundation for Chinese Medicine, a non-profit organization promoting the concept of Chinese Medicine through seminars, media, and products. She is devoted to offering the essence of Chinese Medicine to the West through her private practice and her endeavor nationally.