Knee Pain and Restless Leg Syndrome

A 43-year old female dancer with knee pain and structural problems since childhood has been receiving acupuncture treatments at HolliBalance for the past 6 months.  Prior to the treatment, exercising and dancing caused her knees to swell, causing pain for weeks on end.  The swelling and pain no longer occur post-exercise now that she has been receiving acupuncture.  Pain that she previously had with regards to daily activities, such as walking up and down stairs, has also been alleviated.  She also had work-related anxiety, indigestion, and difficulty sleeping.  Acupuncture treatment at HolliBalance has also relieved these conditions.  After having acupuncture for 4 months, she mentioned that she sometimes experience restless leg syndrome, especially during the summer time.  She was having restless leg symptoms during that week.  Just one acupuncture session by Dr. Song utilizing Dr. Hu’s special combination of points for restless leg syndrome immediately made her symptoms disappear completely.  The symptoms have not returned since.