Arthritis in Hip Area

A 68 year old man came into the center with arthritis in his hip. The pain began in 2000 and it gradually increased over the next 7 years. He walked with a limp and the pain was constant, especially when he lifted heavy objects or drove for long distances. His doctor recommended a hip replacement if he could no longer withstand the aggravating pain.

The pain was getting unbearable, spreading into his upper thighs and knees. He had lost a great deal of his range of motion in his right leg. After his initial acupuncture treatment at HolliBalance, the pain was significantly reduced. For three straight days he walked 2 miles each day without the need of taking Ibuprofen. He was surprised by how much his range of motion improved the moment he left HolliBalance. Dr. Song had also given him some herbal pain patches and herbal healing spray. They helped control his pain for a prolonged period of time, allowing him to go on vacation and engage in activities he could never have imagined doing, including dancing, fishing, and hiking. He continued to have weekly treatments and his hip pain has been minimal since October 2007. Thanks to Chinese medicine, he does not need a hip replacement and is free from pain, thus enjoying a better quality of life.