Periarthritis of Shoulder/ Frozen Shoulder

A 46-year-old woman tripped over a sprinkler in May 2007 and fell on her left shoulder.  Her doctor just told her to rest, use ice, and anti-inflammatory medication.  She did not start Physical Therapy until September 2007.  Due to the improper care right after the injury, she developed frozen shoulder.  The Physical Therapy she had been doing was unable to bring her should back to the normal range of motion.  She came to HolliBalance Well-Being Center because she did not feel that Physical Therapy was offering any more improvements after 6 months.  At her first visit it was extremely difficult and painful to take her jacket off.  She needed her boyfriend’s help to take her jacket off.  As soon as her initial acupuncture treatment finished, she was able to put the jacket on independently.  She has found much more improvement in her range of motion with Acupuncture than with Physical Therapy.   After one month, acupuncture combined with acupressure/Chinese Therapeutic Massage her range of motion is 95% back to normal.