A 35-year-old woman was 6 weeks pregnant and has history of motion sickness.  She already had a two-year-old child and while pregnant with him she had had some nausea.  This time her nausea was very bad and she could not eat.  She had to inject herself with nutrients and also had an IV of anti-nausea drugs.  Still she did not see any improvement in the nausea sensation.  Even drinking water made her feel sick and she would vomit.  At night she could not sleep because she would wake up feeling sick and would vomit.  She became weak from all the vomiting, dizziness, and lack of nutrients. 

In a frustrated state she came to HolliBalance Well-Being Center.  After the first acupuncture treatment she went home and was able to drink a bowl of soup without vomiting.  She was able to sleep through the night and did not feel as dizzy anymore.  After two more acupuncture treatments with customized herbal paste applied to acupuncture points on the abdomen, she felt her appetite returned and did not need to rely on nutrient injections.