Breast Cancer


A 60-year-old woman had breast cancer 7 years ago and had the left breast removed and since has been in remission.  After the mastectomy, the left shoulder to finger tips has been having numbing sensation and both hands, especially the left one, get swollen very easily.  She has arthritis in both thumbs and is going through menopause causing her to have hot flashes and night sweats twice a day.  She also has bunions on both feet and had reconstructive surgery on the right foot but then later developed arthritis on the right foot.  

With acupuncture treatment, the swelling of hands and the numbing sensation on the left side improved tremendously.  She did the walk for breast cancer in May 2008, so the arthritis of the right foot is also in control allowing her to regularly exercise and walk for long periods of time.  She has not had any hot flashes or night sweats since starting her treatment.


A 36-year-old woman diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2005 had had a double mastectomy.  In December 2007 it was discovered that the cancer has metastasized to the bone.  Since then she has been having pain in the sacrum/hip area and discomfort in the right leg.  The pain and discomfort was so strong it would wake her up at night.  After the initial acupuncture treatment, the back pain greatly improved.  After the second treatment she could sleep without being disturbed by the discomfort in the right leg.