A 39-year old female jewelry-maker presented herself with De Quervain’s disease.  It started one day after shoveling snow in January.  Her right wrist swelled immediately following the shoveling.  The swelling never went down completely.  She had been to physical therapy, and every time she worked in her studio making jewelry for more than two hours, her wrist would become even more swollen and painful.  She also had finger-numbness and shoulder pain.  The discomfort would also arise at night when sleeping on the right side.  She had a dull ache running down the shoulder, through the elbow, and to the thumb.  She tore the meniscus in her right knee and she later felt her left hip buckle up when sitting on the floor for a while.  Following the first acupuncture treatment at HolliBalance and instruction to use herbal spray at home regularly, the swelling of her wrist was completely gone within the first week.  She was then able to work in her studio full-time without difficulty or a swollen wrist afterwards.  The finger numbness disappeared as well.  Following the second acupuncture treatment and the help of an herbal patch, her shoulder stopped bothering her.  Her knee has not bothered her since she has started acupuncture.