A 52-year-old woman diagnosed with Lupus 3 months ago and has been having shoulder pain since 1984.  She feels unpredictable pain shooting down both arms, especially on the right side.  When it comes it can be intense and does not necessarily shoot from the shoulder nor does it have a fixed location.  She has a similar pain sensation along the legs as well and it can be very intense even waking up her at night.  She does not sleep well and has chronic sleeping problems.

When she came to HolliBalance she described the pain to be at 8-9 level on a scale from 1-10 (10 = very server).  She could not even lie flat on her back because that put tension on her right shoulder making the pain worse.  In order to treat her, Dr. Yi Song made her lie on her stomach and treated her arm and shoulder area with acupuncture and electric stimulation.  She felt the pain diminishing and was able to lie on her back for 25 minutes.  When she was leaving the session, she described her pain as only being at a level 2-3 on the same scale.  She had two more acupuncture treatments with a customized herbal formula and all the severe pain she had been experiencing was gone.