A 54-year-old man has been having disturbed sleep from severe sleep apnea for the past ten years.  Due to the complications from sleep apnea, he is unable to work.  Around the time he came to HolliBalance, he was having very strange dreams related to escalators every night.  The dream always ended in a bad way causing him to wake up.  After two acupuncture treatments, he stopped having the disturbing dreams and could sleep better.   After having acupuncture treatments for three months, his sleep quality improved tremendously, he could even sleep part of the night without the CPAP (an oxygen supply machine used for Sleep Apnea). 

He also has been having speech problems, poor focus, and other cognitive difficulties all his life.  A few weeks after he started acupuncture treatments, his occupational therapist commented on his positive progress in both his focus and organizational skills. 

He also had chronic lower back problem from injuries occurred in high school when he was playing football and he had arthroscopic knee surgery two years ago for torn meniscus in the left knee.  After a few acupuncture sessions, he said that he could not believe how much range of motion he has achieved.  His back and knee pain has greatly improved.

He is allergic to various allergens.  When he develops reactions, he would have hives on his forehead, neck, and all over the body.  He also develops a swollen and itchy throat.  He started drinking a customized herbal formula prepared by Dr. Song for his sleep and focus.  Initially, he started having mild allergic reaction to the formula.  An anti-allergy formula was prepared to counteract the main formula’s allergenic property.  He started taking a small amount of anti-allergy formula right before taking the main formula for sleep apnea and he no longer had the allergic reaction.  Two weeks later, he stopped having any allergic reactions even without drinking the anti-allergy formula before the main formula.  He brought his son, who has seasonal allergies and a skin condition, to get one treatment because he was ecstatic about his results for the allergies.