Arthritis of Hand

A 66 year old woman suffered from arthritis all over her body, including the areas of her shoulders and hands. She was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and had been using Coumadin for the past 14 years. Being a college professor, not being able to physically write was very frustrating. She would feel excruciating pain the moment she grabbed her pen and wrote. She also had difficulty sleeping due to her shoulder pain.

Her primary care physician performed medical acupuncture to help her arthritis. Due to the frequent visits and mild relief from the medical acupuncturist, she decided to come to HolliBalance Well-Being Center.  During this visit, Dr. Song found that she experienced whiplash in a car accident 30 years ago.  Not only that, but she had also had a lot of stress, thus negatively affecting her relationships and her ability to work  Dr. Song supplied her with an herbal pain patch in addition to the acupuncture treatment. After one visit, she found alleviation of her arthritis, heart palpitations, and anxiety from her previous traumatic accident. She did not return until 3 months later, claiming that the single treatment created such a long-lasting effect!