Compartment Syndrome

A 21-year- old female soccer player injured her ankle in October 2007.  She played in high school and college. She developed symptoms of “Compartment Syndrome” after the injury.  Her calf muscles felt very tight as if there are knots in both legs constantly.  Running or even just walking was making her legs sore; therefore, she cannot exercise.  She ended up gaining 20 lbs and became emotionally depressed.  She used food as a comfort adding to her weight problem.  Her best friend, a soccer player, also developed compartment syndrome.  Her friend went through painful diagnostic procedures including surgery; however, she developed many complications from both the surgery and the medications. 

This made her want to try a different method to help her syndrome.  She then found HolliBalance Well-Being Center.  Right after her first acupuncture treatment, she felt the knots on her legs were much looser.  After the third acupuncture treatment, she only feels minor tightness.  She is now able to do more exercises and stretches.  Her eating habits have also improved because she is no longer depressed about her physical condition.