A 21 year old woman suffering from depression and fatigue, as well as recurring canker sores came in for acupuncture treatment. She had trouble waking up in the morning and felt drowsy throughout the day. She constantly had anxiety and sometimes palpitations. After the initial treatment of acupuncture she immediately felt more energetic. With additional 6 more treatments over a period of 2 months, her increased energy level was maintained. Her naps and feelings of drowsiness no longer troubled her. Her canker sores occurred less frequently.

While she was getting treated for these ailments, she developed stomach pain and poor appetite in her workplace. After comprehensive conversations, Dr. Song noted that the cause of these symptoms was most likely due to the cold temperature from excessive air conditioning in her work environment. Initially the patient did not think it was the cause. After customized herbal formulas and advice on how to protect the stomach area from the cold environment, her stomach pain no longer bothered her.