Acupuncture for Headaches

Migraine Headaches

A 42-year old male experiencing psoriasis in his right elbow, left leg and back for ten years, had been using steroid cream for 3 years, and the patches of skin lesions kept recurring when he stopped using he cream.  He also had a recurring headache behind his eyes since childhood, and it had typically become more debilitating throughout the course of a given day.  He had been having cravings for junk food, as well has been eating dinner late at night (after 9 PM), and he had gained 40 pounds, despite having taken Hydroxycut.  Upon arriving at HolliBalance Well-being Center, his psoriasis had been spreading to new areas and was worsening.  After his initial acupuncture treatment, the itchiness was drastically reduced.  With both internal and external customized herbal treatment, the reddening of his skin lesions decreased, and the lesion on his left leg, the one that he had had the longest, was actually the first to go away.  Following 6-week treatment, all of his skin lesions had disappeared, and he only had one instance of mild headache during this 6-week period.  Prior to the acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment, he had intense headaches 3 times a week.   His cravings have also subsided and he has been increasingly motivated to eat dinner at a more reasonable time of day.