Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Meniere's Disease

M�ni�re's Disease

A 35 year-old male, diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a disease characterized by trouble balancing, dizziness, and panic attacks, had been receiving acupuncture and concentrated herbal powder treatment at another clinic for two months.   His symptoms had been reduced over the two months treatment, although he had felt a persisting clogged sensation in his right ear; by chance, he received treatment by Dr. Song, and the clogging sensation reduced immediately during the first treatment.  The acupuncture implemented was that of Dr. Hu’s protocol.  He received treatment with Dr. Song twice prior to discontinuing acupuncture treatment completely for three months, which was because he had stopped experiencing symptoms.  In March, at the end of these three months, his symptoms returned and he came to HolliBalance for additional acupuncture treatment.  He came to HolliBalance, despite the very long drive, because he had previously felt such substantial improvement following the first treatment.  This time, in addition to the acupuncture, he received a customized herbal drink instead of concentrated powder.  His dizziness, panic attacks, and trouble balancing improved greatly after two acupuncture treatments.  The symptoms did not manifest as much when he had caught a cold two weeks after coming to HolliBalance.  He also had a fever from dental work during the third week, and his symptoms also did not recur as substantially as they once previously had been.  The first week he had been drinking his customized herbal drink and was astonished at the quantity of mucus that was discharged from his body.  From then on, he has been coming biweekly, and he has continued to take his customized herbal drink, which when taken alongside the recurrence of symptoms, has eliminated his symptoms within a half an hour.