Early Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

A 54-year-old woman who was suffering from foot pain and early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease came into the center in hopes of avoiding an operation on her foot. She had seen her doctor prior and he diagnosed her with Morton’s Neuroma.  After Dr. Song read her X-ray report, she noticed that the report mentioned a lesion possibly related to an injury many years ago.  The patient recalled an early childhood accident that fractured her foot.  After 3 acupuncture treatments and use of HolliBalance’s unique herbal pain spray, she noticed a substantial improvement.  Her pain was less frequent and she was able to do more activities.  Previously, she was only able to walk for an hour before she had to take the shoes off and rubbed the foot.  One week following treatment at HolliBalance Well-being Center, she was hiking in snow boots for hours!

Her treatments at HolliBalance Well-being Center also diminish some of her early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. When she woke in the morning she sometimes had difficulty writing due to the tremor of the right hand.  She particularly had trouble writing the number “8”.  After the initial acupuncture treatment, she was able to control her hand movements better and her anxiety during the morning meetings disappeared!