A 53 year old woman came into the center with pain in her upper to lower back, hip, and leg, that had been an ongoing problem for 20 years since she gave birth to her first child.  The pain in her body was manifested as a burning sensation throughout.  She had trouble sleeping, finding herself waking every 2 hours. This suppressed her overall energy. The pain was tolerable until 5 years ago when she began menopause.  She still experience menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.  The only solution given to her for the pain at the time was physical therapy. She saw her physical therapist for 6 months with no improvements. Immediately after the 1st acupuncture session at HolliBalance Well-being Center, the burning sensation was significantly reduced and she could perform regular stretches without feeling any severe pain.  She could sleep through the night for 5 hours not waking up in between.  Her energy level has improved drastically as well!  She now rarely gets hot flashes.