A 56-year old male business-owner arrived at HolliBalance with a history of drug and alcohol addiction.  He was experiencing tremendous work- and family-related anxiety, inducing temptation to return to his prior substance abuse.  He had seen other acupuncturists without experiencing relief; following first acupuncture treatment at HolliBalance, he felt better stress-relief and could handle business- and family-matters without irritation, and he has been coming regularly for the past 2 months.  During this period of time, he has experienced severe back pain twice, each time the back pain disappeared immediately after treatment.  He also had one onset of migraine headache and vomiting.  The headache was reduced 80% following treatment, and it disappeared completely overnight.


A 41-year old female with past drug/alcohol/cigarette addictions since teenage years quit drugs 17 years ago but still has desire for alcohol when under stress.  She has also had strong cravings for junk food/salty food, and these cravings were particularly heightened at around the onset of menstruation; they were only worsened by the fact that she cannot eat soy and berries due to her food allergies.  She could not focus well and she had depression.  Following one-month’s acupuncture treatments, her premenstrual and alcohol cravings have subsided and her focus has improved substantially.