Unidentified Autoimmune Disorder

A 38 year-old female with a compromised immune system, has chronic auto-immune neutropenia, as well as other auto-immune conditions, such as joint pain, fatigue, and hypothyroidism.  Her family has a history of auto-immune conditions, and due to her low white blood cell counts, she is very susceptible to sinus infections.  She was administered Neupogen shots in September 2007, those of which were able to increase her white blood cell count, but were not able to sustain these increased counts.  She has endured various tests for lupus that have turned out negative.  Her oncologist and hematologist are uncertain as to what her exact diagnosis might be, and in turn are not sure how to approach her condition.  She had chronic sinus infections from November to January and was admitted into the ER multiple times for fever, fatigue, and sinus congestion.   These physicians recommended that she try Chinese Herbal Medicine, and she then made her first appointment with HolliBalance Well-Being Center. 

After the initial evaluation in early February, she still had a residual sinus infection. From the Chinese Medicine point of view, this autoimmune condition had been derived from long-term emotional stress since early childhood.  She then contracted a virus from her son during the first month of treatment at HolliBalance.  However the symptoms of the sinus infection that had been engendered from contracting this virus were not as severe as her previous Nov.-Jan. symptoms due to her treatment at HolliBalance, which included acupuncture once a week and a customized herbal drink taken daily.  During the sinus infection, another customized herbal drink addressing sinus infection as well as improving her immune function was made.  After one month of combined treatment, her energy greatly improved and she also went back to work.  Her emotions have also been much more stable, although during March she had had a death in her family and was distressed from the tension with her sister and mother.  In April, she had her white blood cell count checked, and it was 3300 cells/uL, up from 2000.  She had an additional test in May and her count was 3700, meaning that her count did not fluctuate, as with the Neupogen shot, but has increased steadily.  She now received acupuncture biweekly and still takes her customized herbal formula daily, and she has not had any recurring sinus infections.