Acupuncture for Fertility & IVF

“My wife and I were not able to have IVF procedure due to insurance issues. We were left trying on our own with my sperm morphology problem. After 3 months of acupuncture treatment, sperm motility went from 3% to 9% and morphology went from 1% to 5%. We are so happy. We feel very grateful for Dr. Song's high quality care.” –A.A., Malden, MA

“I saw Yi Song during IVF cycle for diminished ovarian reserve. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable of my condition. Became pregnant after first cycle with just 6 eggs. Was told embryo quality was unusually high, which I attribute to acupuncture.” –D.H., Boston, MA

“I was having several miscarriages and was denied by the insurance company for IVF procedure due to high FSH. I got pregnant successfully after seeing Dr. Song for two months. Everything went well with me and I had a beautiful girl. She was born right on her due date on 9/11/11 and she is almost 5 months old now. The whole experience was so good that am ready for baby number 2 :), means I will get to see Dr. Song soon:)” –M.H., Medford, MA

“I don't know how, but it looks that your "magic herb" works! Since I've started it, the spotting stopped, and I feel very pregnant (meaning: crappy and cranky :-).” –C.A., Newton, MA

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Acupuncture and Fertility

Acupuncture is becoming a widely accepted fertility treatment. Clinical studies show that acupuncture can increase the success rate for in vitro fertilization (IVF) 230%.  Although there are many reasons that can contribute to an inability to conceive or carry pregnancy to full term the most common root cause of infertility from Chinese Medicine perspective is insufficient blood circulation--especially in the lower abdominal area and the reproductive system.  Dr. Song uses acupuncture and/or customized herbal formulas to help achieve smooth blood flow throughout the body, thus increasing the likelihood of conception.

Preparing for Conception

Some symptoms of stagnant blood circulation are painful menstruation (menstrual cramps), menstrual clots, irregular menstruation (irregular periods), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or fallopian tube obstruction. Such conditions can impair the ability to conceive. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments can regulate the menstrual cycle, achieve a balanced and regular menstruation and prepare the body for conception. Long-term anxiety and stress is a main factor in decreasing the body's blood circulation. Acupuncture guides the body towards deep relaxation. As a result, your whole body is well nourished by that improved blood circulation. This restores a harmony in the body's nervous, hormone and reproductive systems.

Dr. Song's Approach

Dr. Song's approach to a healthy pregnancy will not interfere with Western treatments. Her education and research in Western medicine gives her a unique perspective in treating problems of infertility. Dr. Song has helped many patients achieve full term pregnancy with acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments. Some of her patients are undergoing assisted reproductive procedures, such as medication, IUI and IVF. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments used alone, or along with Western treatment protocols, can improve the likelihood of pregnancy.