Chinese Medicine for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Repetitive Urinary Tract Infection

A 27-year-old female has been started having repetitive urinary tract infections.  The infection usually follows the cycle of menstruation.  The doctor prescribed her antibiotics and although the antibiotics are good at eliminating the infection they did not prevent future infections from developing.  After the course of antibiotics, vaginal yeast infection developed.  She did not want to take antibiotics every time she got an infection, so she decided to use Chinese Herbal Medicine to address the root cause of the repetitive infection.  Every time she feels any burning sensation while urinating she will start taking the customized herbal formula.  The symptoms could disappear within two to three hours after she starts taking the drink.  She also takes the drink around the time that she is susceptible to developing the infection according to her own cycle.  After two months she no longer develops the symptoms for the urinary tract infection and no longer needs to drink the herbal formula.