Repetitive Vaginal Infection

A 22-year-old woman has been having vaginal infections on and off for the past year.  Last year for the first time she developed a yeast infection.  After going to the OB/GYN doctor she was prescribed anti-fungal medication and a suppository.  Since then she has had bacterial vaginosis, a vaginal infection, 2 more times without proper treatment.  She went to two different doctors that told her different things.  One of the doctors tested her for this infection and the other one said that there was no test to confirm this diagnosis. She went on another round of antibiotics to see if this would help.  For one month she felt fine and then it came back!

She came to HolliBalance Well-Being for other health problems but found that these infections could be treated as well.  She has been taking an individualized Chinese Herbal Formula and found it to relieve the burning and abnormal discharger.  After two weeks the infection went away.  Any time she has the feeling that the infection is returning, she takes the formula to alleviate the symptoms.