Brain Stem Birth Defect (Mobius Syndrome)

A 5-year-old child was born with Brain-Stem Birth Defect (Mobius Syndrome).  She has a tracheostomy (a tube put in through the trachea to help breathing).  She needs to be on a ventilator most of the time to help her breathe.  She also has balance issues and recently developed hearing problem due to water retention in the ear canal.  She has sleeping problems, waking up at 2am every night.  Her mother brought her in for Acupuncture treatment, hoping the acupuncture would help stimulate the child’s brain development to improve some function.  After two weeks of Acupuncture treatment, the child is able to get off the ventilator for a longer period of time.  Her hearing improved immediately after first acupuncture treatment.  According to her school nurse, her attention at school has improved since her hearing improved. She could sleep better for several nights after the acupuncture treatment.  Now we are working on improving her muscle tone and her facial muscle to help her speech.