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We take great pride in the superior quality of services we provide you with. In 90% cases, we are able to make you feel some immediate change and/or alleviation of your symptoms in your body right during or after the very first session. Our confidence comes from our unique approach and experience passed down from Dr. Song's lineage and Dr. Hu. It will be difficult for you to find another clinic in the Greater Boston area that can give you similar result in as few sessions as we can make it happen. See what people have said about our incredible services (please scroll down to see all the testimonial):

Hollibalance Well-Being Center
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Allergies: �When I went in your bathroom and cleaned out my nose it has remained clean from that point on. I had a great night sleep and I did not wake up during the night, and this morning my nose and throat was still clear. Also my wife said she did not hear me snoring�WOW! I'm finding this amazing. You must really be the Real Thing. Well I am totally convinced now.� �B.H., Hyde Park, MA

Joint Pain: �You deserve this. I felt my sessions with you were excellent, and hope some time I can use your help again. In particular, I think that having the needles hooked up to electricity really did help my back. I haven't had any pain at all in a long time.� �R.C., Brookline, MA

Hypothyroidism & PCOS: �It�s the best medicine I�ve ever had!� �V.G., Boston, MA

Recovery from Addiction: �Hey Doctor, I just wanted to let you know I already feel the difference...! You are great. I'll see you soon. Thank you� �E.B., West Roxbury, MA

Cervical Spinal Injuries due to a Childhood Accident: “By the way your tip about using a scarf to keep the cold out of my neck is spot on.” –S.C., Roslindale, MA

Infertility due to PCOS: �Hello! Remember me? I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy on November 4th - Election Day! We're all doing great. Thanks again for your help. Happy Holidays!� �A.D., Milton, MA

Hyperthyroidism: �Hello Dr. Song, I just wanted to let you know, I heard back from doctor regarding thyroid studies. Guess they did not fax results over to doctor, hence the delay. Anyway, he said my 2 thyroid levels, T3 and T4 are both normal (although at the lower end of normal, but definitely normal). The Pituitary test is still improving, but it is not back to normal. He said, �it was slowly kind of going back up toward normal. So basically everything looks better. He recommended to get another repeat blood test for the pituitary in January or so to make the pituitary test recovers all the way back to normal. So, in the meantime I am taking still the herbs and will continue to do so, just wanted to let you know where everything stood at least with the blood test results. Thanks so for your help, will be in touch when herbs start running low again.� �M.K., Walpole, MA

Neck & Back Pain due to an Auto-Accident: �The treatment is always exceptionally good. Dr. Yi Song is an exceptionally good acupuncturist- she is very knowledgeable and helpful. She gives excellent service and care to her patients.� �A.C., Chelsea, MA

PCOS & Ankle Weakness: �I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Song. The atmosphere was peaceful and the care and service I received was excellent. She is very friendly and personable. I went to see her for hormonal imbalance. While there she also treated my injured ankle and muscle tension. It was a wonderful experience. My irregular menses began to regulate itself using the Chinese herbs and acupuncture. It was great. They remain regulated to this day.� �T.B., Roxbury, MA

Anxiety: �I found my first visit very educational and Dr. Song was very well practiced in healing techniques. I look forward to see more of Dr. Song to treat the rest of my ailments.� �A.S., Brookline, MA

Fibromyalgia & Hypothyroidism: �Dr. Yi Song is a warm, caring, brilliant woman who takes special care to listen, and then treat your specific condition. I have never felt so understood, nor cared for, and I have been to many, many allopathic physicians.� �D.S., Sharon, MA

Post Neck Surgery Finger Numbness: �I had the pleasure of a few sessions at HolliBalance with Dr. Song and all I can say is that it was a wonderful experience. Dr. Song is an expert in the field and a very nice lady. My treatments were complete and accurate. I felt comfortable and confident the whole time. And I look forward to my next visit with her.� �D.E., Canton, MA

Tinnitus: �You were busy tonight and I didn�t get a chance to say goodbye and thank you. I am very thankful for your treatments so far. I want to be able tell you that my ear ringing is better so badly. It may be reduced. I will focus on it tonight and let you know. But�you are an excellent doctor. I have already learned more from you than I have learned from other doctors in years. You ask all the right questions. You make all the right observations. The time and attention you have given me is wonderful. I know that I feel better psychologically just from the time we have been together. I have already recommended you. I am a good quick judge of character at my age and experience. Going to see you is so much better than visiting a conventional clinic and doctor. Blue Cross should definitely cover your services. They cover the doctors who just prescribe pills for everything. And you have me motivated to get off medication!!!�I know, with my doctor�s permission only�.but the motivation itself is a healing process for which I am indebted. I will be in touch with you in February. But I wanted you to know how I feel about you and your treatments. Thank you again.� �R.B., Milton, MA

Anxiety & Dizziness: �I have been a patient at HolliBalance Well-being Center for 5 months now. I was experiencing dizziness and anxiety for nine months prior to my first visit in September, 2008. I was also diagnosed with hypertension by my primary care physician along with general anxiety disorder. When I first started seeing Dr. Song for acupuncture treatments, she treated me for hypertension, anxiety and dizziness. After a month or so, my dizziness decreased and my blood pressure was back into normal range. I have also been taking an herbal formula for 4 months that is customized for my symptoms. Overall, my dizziness is non-existent, with only occasional spells and my anxiety has improved over the past few months. Dr. Song has taught me effective strategies to help my anxiety including abdominal breathing and meditation. Overall, acupuncture treatments make me feel relaxed and well rested which also reduces my anxiety from day to day. I really enjoy seeing Dr. Song every week, she is passionate in helping people and she is wonderful to talk to about everything! I would strongly suggest HolliBalance Well-being Center to anyone who has a medical condition or for general well being!! Thank you.� �T.P., Charlestown, MA

Rotator Cuff & Plantar Fasciitis: �I am well. My shoulder and foot (plantar fasciitis) pain is completely gone. I appreciate all the help you gave me.� �M.E., Newton, MA

Anxiety & Fatigue: �Thank you very much for the was a really powerful experience! Recently I have started doing Bikram yoga and I absolutely love it. I've stopped running and I think I'm on my way to becoming more balanced in my life :) I was wondering if I can still order the herbs you made for me? Drinking the cocoa & the herbs has helped me a lot with the coffee drinking.� �H.N., Boston, MA

Acute Back Injury: �My back is much better. I felt great the day after my appointment last week. I have no pain this week. I will definitely be in touch with you if I need another appointment. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly acupuncture works on the body. Thank you.� �L.A., Boston, MA

Alzheimer�s: �Hello Dr. Song--The last couple of weeks have been crazy ( Roxie the dog survived, but is still having difficulty ) we went to two funerals of dear friends, had a few days in Brewster on Cape Cod, and now we are heading out early Wednesday for 12 days in CA. We certainly have not forgotten you--and I will try to give Steve massages and acupressure while we are away--but that is certainly NO alternative to your marvelous treatments!! Perhaps if we could come by either Monday or Wednesday Steve can get back in the grove of your much needed treatments. Best regards.� �D.M., Milton, MA

Tinnitus & Dizziness: �Thank you for all your help. I feel much better. God bless your hand and your career. See you next week.� �J.A., Newton, MA

Morton�s Neuroma: �I bought the Vibram shoes and I have been running a lot in them. I did my first 5K last night!! My toes still hurt a bit when I�m running like they did with my old sneakers but I can power through it easier in the Vibram�s then I can with my old shoes. Thanks for the tip!� �W.T., South Boston, MA

Male Infertility: �My wife and I were not able to have IVF procedure due to insurance issues. We were left trying on our own with my sperm morphology problem. After 3 months of acupuncture treatment, sperm motility went from 3% to 9% and morphology went from 1% to 5%. We are so happy. We feel very grateful for Dr. Song's high quality care.� �A.A., Malden, MA

Female Infertility due to Poor Ovarian Reserve: �I saw Yi Song during IVF cycle for diminished ovarian reserve. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable of my condition. Became pregnant after first cycle with just 6 eggs. Was told embryo quality was unusually high, which I attribute to acupuncture.� �D.H., Boston, MA

Plantar Fasciitis: �I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for over a year before I came to Dr. Song at HolliBalance Well-being Center. I had a lot of pain getting in and out of the car or standing up from the sitting position. I tried orthotics and got more pain wearing them. With only three acupuncture treatment, I am feeling better than ever. My feet are about 95% pain-free, and that's good enough for me! When it is a bit painful, it only lasts for a moment or two and I forget about it. Thank you for all of your excellent care!� �G.N., Reading, MA

Female Infertility due to High FSH: �I was having several miscarriages and was denied by the insurance company for IVF procedure due to high FSH. I got pregnant successfully after seeing Dr. Song for two months. Everything went well with me and I had a beautiful girl. She was born right on her due date on 9/11/11 and she is almost 5 months old now. The whole experience was so good that am ready for baby number 2 :), means I will get to see Dr. Song soon:)� �M.H., Medford, MA

Asthma: �Amazing Effect with Acupuncture and Customized Herbal Formula! I developed asthma after having a lingering cold for over a month. My Western Medicine doctor gave me steroids and inhaler. But I still felt chest congestion and shortness of breath and had wheezing after using them for a month. I decided to try acupuncture and customized herbal formula. I am feeling considerably better a few days after I had the acupuncture and started taking the customized Chinese herbal formula prepared by Dr. Song. I still have some mucus, but no need for my emergency inhaler at all and have been weaning slowly off the other steroid one. I feel very grateful and fortunate that I found Dr. Song to help me with my conditions.� �K.B., Milton, MA

Tinnitus & Dizziness: �I was having ear ringing, dizziness, and imbalance since I had the flu shot. I had all kinds of check-up for the ear and took Western medication for dizziness. The conventional treatments had minimal effect on my symptoms. I was referred to Dr. Song through friends. Since I travel for my work a lot, I only had the chance of having three acupuncture treatments from her. The effects were instant after the first treatment. My tinnitus was reduced 50% at the end of the first treatment. I felt less dizzy as well. After three treatments at HolliBalance, I had to go to Florida for four months. I didn't have any ear ringing or feeling any imbalance for a whole month. Then I had some minor ringing and imbalance on and off (only slightly, not bad at all). I have been sleeping well and my energy has been good. Thank you for all of your help.� �R.N., Portsmouth, NH

Chronic Headache: �I thought I would drop you a note to let you know that yesterday's acupuncture treatment really helped! I feel so much better, tension was released in my shoulders and I have more energy. I may not need that tea or those pills after all :-).� �C.D., Quincy, MA

Repetitive Miscarriage: “I don't know how, but it looks that your "magic herb" works! Since I've started it, the spotting stopped, and I feel very pregnant (meaning: crappy and cranky :-).” –C.A., Newton, MA

Female Infertility due to PCOS: �I had a beautiful baby boy this past weekend! We are so happy to have him!� �D.M., Hanover, MA

Painful Menstruation & Allergies: “I wanted to tell you that my session yesterday must have been exactly what I've needed these past few weeks because I slept better than I have in a long time - I feel great today!” –H.C., Boston, MA

Insomnia: �I am very happy with my treatment on Friday. I slept very well the past few nights.� -B.S., Beverly, MA

Unexplained Female Infertility: �Hi Dr. Song � you are not going to believe this, but I am pregnant! I'm still waiting for official confirmation from my Ob-Gyn's office, but I just went for blood work this afternoon and will know tomorrow morning. I had some light discharge & menstrual cramps so I was certain it was my period coming earlier this week (I wasn't feeling well at all), but my period never came so I took a home pregnancy test last night and it was positive! I am still in complete shock and also very nervous due to my previous miscarriage, but I am trying to stay positive, take it easy, & hope for the best. Thank you for ALL of your help & guidance -- I greatly, greatly appreciate it!� -T.F., North Attleboro, MA

Nerve Damage after Foot Surgery & Weight Loss: �I really like HolliBalance Well-being Center...before I booked an acupuncture appointment I called my insurance company to be sure they would cover my treatments. Dr. Song's staff was willing to communicate with my insurance company as well...which is not alway the case with acupuncture centers. Most want you to pay and then submit the paperwork to your insurance company. I have been to two other Doctor's of Acupuncture prior to finding Dr. Song. I found HolliBalance Well-being with a google search.

I met with Dr. Song, whose english is very good, she is easy to understand. A typically visit w/Dr. Song is 1.5-2 hours, which I like. She is very thorough. I had foot surgery w/post-op nerve damage. I am desperate to repair the nerve damage. I've only had five treatments, my problem is still with me but I feel it's improving. I hope with another five treatments I will be as good as new. Dr. Song is willing to work with her patients, if you don't want as many acupuncture needles or electric stimulation she will adjust to meet your needs...I take as much as she will give me because I want to be healed faster . I don't find it uncomfortable. When I leave a session with Dr. Song I feel totally relaxed and optimistic. I highly recommend Dr. Song.

P.S. Dr. Song is also helping my with weight lose...I lost 9lbs. in 3 weeks...and also minor back & hip pain which is gone.� -L.G., Cambridge, MA

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Colitis: �I have seen Dr. Song three times and can honestly say that I feel a hundred times better walking out the door than I do walking in. I don't know why that person gave a one star for her, as she obviously must have been there several times. I've never been charged close to what she was charged. I've had problems with diverticulitis, colitis, bacteria infections, arthritis, osteo-arthritis, recovery from three fractures in my foot, and yet Dr. Song's treatment for me was less than $200 and better than any treatment I've received from any medical center.

In case you think I'm one of Dr. Song's employees, I'll put my email address here and you're welcome to ask me any questions about my visits As for the 3 hour treatments, well mine have run 2 hours (which shows Suze probably exaggerates). Dr. Song does one side of your body and the needles stay in for a long time (in accupuncture, the longer the needles stay in, the better your treatment). She then has you turn over and she does the back side for just as long. I had about 100 needles in me, (have to say they didn't hurt as she knows the mildest way to insert them); and I feel great when I walk out of there!� -M.R., Billerica, MA

Chronic Sinusitis: �I just want to say that it�s been a couple of months now since I last saw you and my sinuses still have not really bothered me like they used to. I think that is incredible. I will definitely be coming back to you for more treatments.� �K.G., Roslindale, MA

Smoking Cessation: �I only had the opportunity of having two treatments from Dr. Song. I had been smoking most of the past 14 years. I tried to quit a few times and didn�t succeed. The two treatments I received from her were so powerful that I stopped smoking completely. I have since moved away from Boston and couldn�t continue having the great treatments from Dr. Song. The advice she gave me to help me quit smoking is so effective that I have not smoked since June even though I work in a different city now.� �V.L., Quincy, MA

Osteoarthritis: �Dr. Song provides treatments that really heal. She is an outstanding clinician, a great listener, and very good with the needles (mostly painless). Extremely professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of health, kind, gentle, and determined to help. I saw her for a few problems: shoulder pain, bunions, finger arthritis. After a few months of regular treatments I am now pain free.� �N.M., Roslindale, MA

Weight Loss: �Very caring, very professional and knowlegeable acupucture doctor. Some people maybe find it to be high in price but dr. song really spend a lot of time with each person not like other places. I will always recommend Dr. song. she is the best and caring doctor I have known.� �S.G., Needham, MA

Hypertension: �Dr Song is a very knowledgeable physician with expertise in Acupunture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, I sought her out for treatment of my hypertension after major dissatisfaction with my regular MD, who simply put me on Atenolol without precaution to the side effects it caused me. I am a Nurse Clinician by profession with 24 years of inpatient experience and a very happy patient of Dr. Song, she has resolved all of my medical issues (back pain, hypertension, and side effect from Atenolol) through her expertise in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and common sense medicine. Some people may be critical of her more than reasonable rates, but please tell me where you can get an MD to educate you about your illness, provide effective treatment with more than efficent results along with spending over 2 hours with you each visit for the rate. For people who do not know what MD's at hospitals and clinics charge per visit it is in the upwards of $200-$300 per 15 minute visits , and they do not have time to teach you what Dr. Song can. If you want excellent care and treatment with results see Dr. Song, if you want to take multiple medications with temporary results and more complications, see your 15 minute MD. I have strongly recommended her to colleagues and others who do not want to spend the rest of their life taking pills. By the way my blood pressure has maintained 116/70 for the last month simply through acupuncture. Thank you Dr. Song.� �D.B., Dedham, MA