Seven months ago, a 52 year-old female suffering from vertigo as a result of viral infection came to the center.  The patient had undergone physical therapy but still complained of dizziness while doing certain motions.  While using scopolamine patches to treat the vertigo, the patient noted that the effectiveness of the patches wore off towards the end of the week and the patches needed to be replaced weekly. After receiving one acupuncture treatment, all of the symptoms were gone.  Two months after the only acupuncture treatment she received at HolliBalance Well-being Center, the patient no longer depended on the scopolamine patches and only had a few instances of dizziness.

Vertigo and Food Allergies

A 37-year old female with severe vertigo following a viral infection, experiencing nausea, vomiting, ear ringing, and severe headaches, could not drive by herself and felt as if she was on a rocking boat while lying down. She had a history of vertigo and dizziness in the past. But this incidence was the worse she has ever experienced and was recalcitrant to other treatments. She had been suffering severe symptoms for a month after the viral infection. She had chronic neck, shoulder, and lower-back pain, and has had insomnia since childhood. She also has severe food allergies to potatoes, tomatoes, citrus, yeast, soy, and dairy products. Eating these foods has always caused her to break out in hives. Following four acupuncture treatments, her vomiting, nausea, headaches, and the rocking sensation she had been experiencing were reduced by 80%. Dr. Song then used herbal therapy to eliminate her food allergies, and she can now eat the foods that she could never normally eat. A month following acupuncture treatments, her vertigo has essentially disappeared, and her overall quality of life has been drastically improved.