Smoking Cessation

A 67 year old woman came experiencing severe spasms on the right side of her back.  She had been to another acupuncturist once before and has seen a physical therapist but did not feel any improvements.  She received her initial acupuncture treatment at HolliBalance Well-being Center and Dr. Song advised her to stretch differently and more properly.  Following this first treatment she no longer experienced any back spasms!  A week after her first treatment, although she no longer experienced spasms, she had begun noticing some stiffness in the morning.  She explained that when she did certain movements she would feel her back cramp up.  Following only 3 more visits at HolliBalance Well-being Center, she could do all of the movements without feeling any cramps, and she then went back to her regular yoga class. After her back improved, she decided she wanted help quitting smoking. She saw Dr. Song for 8 more treatments and her smoking habits drastically improved, decreasing from one-half pack a day to 1-2 cigarettes a day. She even went one week without smoking! After 5 months, she stopped smoking completely and has lost all interest in smoking.