Osteoarthritis of Knees

A 72 year old man with polycythemia vera had suffered from unexplained/unexpected weight loss for a year. His condition was progressing toward myelofibrosis, which is a malignant type of bone marrow cancer. He had shown various symptoms of myelofibrosis, such as fatigue, poor appetite, night sweats, anemia, and enlarged spleen.  He also had hernia, erectile dysfunction lower back pain, and arthritis in the knees (he had 4 arthroscopic knee surgeries in each knee).

After a month of acupuncture and herbal treatments with Dr. Song, his energy improved tremendously. His appetite had returned and he gained 7 pounds. He was able to enjoy walks for long periods of time without having pain in his knees. The unique Chinese herbal formula created by Dr. Song, made specifically for his conditions and body decreased the night sweats giving him great night sleep!

His hernia is inoperable due to myelofibrosis.  Dr. Song could alleviate the hernia pain by using Dr. Hu’s special combination of acupuncture points for hernia.  His lower and middle back pain also disappeared completely after 3 months of treatments.

Dr. Song also discovered that his Erectile Dysfunction (ED) was related to a beta-blocker medication that he has been taking for the past 7 years to prevent potential bleeding from his polycythemia vera.  He realized that his ED started about the same time that he started taking the beta-blocker medication.  He consulted his oncologist and gastroenterologist who both agreed that there can be a connection between the medicine and Sexual Dysfunction. He had never been informed that this could be a side effect of the medicine; however, they doctors are afraid to take him off this medication because of possible bleeding.  After acupuncture and herbal treatment, he does feel some improvement in his ED.