A 32-year-old woman was born with Eczema and had been having flare-ups on and off her whole life. She had been having very bad flare ups since she moved to Boston 5 years ago. She had red skin lesions all over her chest, back, and face and had been prescribed various cortisone creams. When she came to HolliBalance the flare ups were mainly on her chest and face. Every morning between 3am and 5am she would wake up from severe itching and burning in the face. She said her face was red and swollen. During the day, she used a lot of make-up to cover the redness on the face and she could not wear low cut shirts due to the lesions on the chest. She started taking a customized herbal formula and within three days she stopped waking up feeling miserable with the itching and burning skin. She continued taking the formula for one month, and all the eczema and lesions are gone.

For the following four years after this flare up, she only had two incidence of very minor skin reaction and she took the herbal formula immediately. No major flare-ups or skin lesions have formed again.