A 37-year-old female came to HolliBalance with severe pain in both feet.  It began after she did boot camp for two months.  Her pain was so bad, that she could not walk for more than ten minutes.  With acupuncture, Chinese therapeutic massage, and the herbal patch she was able to walk for one hour along the Charles River after just three treatments.  She also has very tight calf muscles and chronic lower back pain, which are actually are related to her plantar fasciitis.  Her foot pain was in good control while she was having acupuncture. 

After the treatments she felt confident enough to play tennis for half a day.  However, after tennis her pain returned.  She came back get acupuncture treatments to relieve her pain, which worked.  She is an active person and does a lot physical activity which may strain her feet.  In her particular case, she may need to have repeated treatments.

She has a family history of chronic constipation and she has been doing great with just one herb taken nightly.