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We are not a resort, a hotel, or a tour company. We are a wellness company offering you an unforgettable personalized retreat that will have a long-lasting influence on your life for years to come. We are connecting you to local hosts to have the real local experience. We only cater our services to solo travelers, couples or small groups of no more than four people. Many day trip and adventure options we provide are not offered by any tour companies because they are off the beaten path. Our local hosts know the best spots and the best time to visit each location to give you the best experience possible. In addition, you will also be able to have yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, healthy cooking, detox/weight loss/rejuvenation programs, and FengShui consultation. On top of all the above, we are able to offer you very competitive price for your lodging and activities due to our local connections. Of course, you are welcome to shop around and stay at the place of your own choice or arrange your own activities. Remmember, our retreat is customized only to you. So you are free to make your own selections
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We only cater to small groups: solo travelers, couples, or groups of no more than four people. We do not do big groups. You do not need to wait in the car for pick ups and drop offs. Everything is only tailored to your needs. The time you booked is dedicated only to your group, whether you are the only one or you are in a small group of no more than four people.
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You will have many options. Below are some sample activities:

    1. Snorkeling or just stroll on the World-renowned Flamenco beach on Culebra island one hour ferry ride from the main island. The ferry tickets are difficult to obtain in the peak season. People would line up at the ticket booth at 2 am to buy the tickets. We will secure the tickets for you as part of your package.
    2. Visit El Yunque National Park: waterfalls, watch tower, El Toro peak, swim in charcos.
    3. Visit the famous caves on the island and participate a local dance show.
    4. Tubing/caving in the central part of the island.
    5. Hiking to waterfalls, charcos, mountain peaks, caves, and swim in streams and charcos.
    6. Standup paddle boarding in a scenic lagoon, kayaking, canoing, scuba diving, etc.
    7. Yoga on the rooftop at sunset.
    8. Meditation, Tai Chi, stretching, and walking on the beach or in our studio.
    9. Dietary consultation based on your body type in traditional Chinese Medicine.
    10. Cooking experience on local cuisine or healthy dietary recommendations.
    11. Herbal steam, detox, weight loss, and other related health consultation.
    12. FengShui consultation on your life or your living space.
    13. Any special requests you may have as long as we are able to satisfy your legitimate requests in-line with the wellness theme of our retreat programs.

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We currently have two locations. The ocean location is Puerto Rico. The mountain location is Rionegro, Colombia.
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Puerto Rico is a US territory. You do not need to have a passport or a visa to enter Puerto Rico if you are a US citizen or permanent resident. You do not need to go through custom and immigation upon arrival and it saves a lot of hassel at the airport. Regardless of easier travel, Puerto Rico is trully an enchanted island with diverse landscapes and geological formation. With pre-columbian Indian history, it also has many archeological sites to explore. Therefore, we are able to offer you a variety of activities to choose for your retreat. The island is also peaceful for a retreat. You are able to gaze at the ocean watching the waves or listening to the stream and waterfalls in the rainforest. The weather is also pleasant year round with the exception of hurricanes or tropical storms.
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You can fill out the inquiry form below. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Or you can email to or call us @ 617-676-1054.
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