Dr. Hu's cases in the US
A 70 year-old woman had two strokes around Christmas 2007. By New Year 2008, she was declared to be in a vegetative stated by Ceder-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. With minimal signs of recovery, the family searched for last resort options before deciding to euthanize. Acupuncture was recommended by a family member, and through certain connections, they were connected to Dr. Hu through Dr. Yi Song. MRI's were sent to Dr. Hu in China, who after seeing the patients post-stroke images, declared she was a candidate for recovery. By relaying his methods to the acupuncturist on staff at Ceder-Sinai Hospital, Dr. Hu suggested she receive acupuncture treatments every day for at least one month. Dr. Hu was confident that she should be more responsive after a month. Dr. Yi Song made a trip to Los Angeles at the end of January to collaborate with the acupuncturist on staff at Ceder Sinai on treating this patient with Dr. Hu's techniques.

The results of the treatment surprised the family immensely. Within 2 weeks, she had more eye movement and was able to express facial expressions and move limbs. After 3 weeks, for short periods of time she was able to breath without the ventilator. She was soon able to go for longer periods of time breathing on her own and at around 6 weeks she was completely off the ventilator. The patient has moved from Ceder-Sinai Hospital to a nursing rehabilitation facility.