Summer is the Best Time to Treat Conditions that usually Arise with the Cold Weather by Strengthening the Immune System through Moxibustion

Summer Solstice is here. We will enter the twenty-seven days of hot summer season in Chinese Lunar Calendar.

These twenty-seven days of hot summer season (begins around July 11th and ends around August 7th) is the best time to treat chronic conditions such as asthma, allergic reactions, joint pain due to cold weather, and even susceptibility to the common cold.


Our immune system is comprised of Yang energy. This Yang energy acts as a barrier against external pathogens and prevents them from entering our body. When the Yang energy is deficient, this barrier is weakened, making us more susceptible to these external pathogens. When the Yang energy is consistently low, our bodies will experience recurring illnesses until this Yang energy is strengthened.

In the summer, our Yang energy is drawn out to the surface, making it easier to work with. At this time, we can perform moxibustion on the body to strengthen this Yang energy, thus strengthening our immune system.

For this style of moxibustion that we will introduce to you today, you will need some loose moxa, ginger slices, salt, a bowl of water, a moxa box, and moxa sticks.

First, mold the moxa into small cones. Place the ginger slices on the body with the moxa cones on top. Use a match to light the moxa cones, instigating the warming properties of the ginger and healing properties of the moxa. Let the moxa burn down until it gets too warm on the back. Put out the moxa cones by dumping the moxa into the bowl of water. Repeat this process 3-4 times to strengthen the Yang energy.

Another way to strengthen this Yang energy is to use a moxa box and moxa sticks. Place lit moxa sticks into a moxa box and place it on the back. Let the moxa sticks burn down, adjusting the sticks occasionally to clear the ash and bring the warmer part of the stick closer to the bottom of the box.

The Yang energy is also present in the abdomen. To nourish the Yang energy through the abdomen, place a cloth on top of the navel area. Place the salt on top of the cloth, leaving a small indention for the moxa cone. Place the moxa cone on top of the salt. Light the moxa cone with a match and let it burn until it becomes too hot. Repeat this process 3-4 times until the abdomen is warmed and nourished.

Performing moxibustion on the back in the summertime is highly recommended to treat allergy and asthma symptoms.

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