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An Analogy to Effective Weight Loss

Our digestive system is a tremendously important factor to our health and wellbeing, especially if we’re concerned with weight loss. Digestive problems affect a lot of other aspects of our lives which is why it’s so important to make sure that we do everything we can to assure that we have a strong stomach and well-maintained digestive system. When our stomach is healthy, it has the ability to transform food into valuable nutrients that our body can use and turn into energy. However, when our digestive body is weak or blocked, our body doesn’t receive all the nutrients it needs or even worse, it doesn’t properly eliminate the foods we consume which leads to long-term weight gain.


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Nourishing Your Body During Winter from TCM perspective

Winter time is traditionally known as a time for rest and storing which is how hibernation originated. However, winter is the perfect time to feed our bodies with wholesome, healthy foods that build up our nutrient reserves, boost our immunity and fight inflammation. This a great time to restore and repair our body. If we take the time to rest and restore our body during the winter, when spring rolls around we’ll be ready for the longer days with more energy requirement. Our body will be well nourished and have the energy it needs to be more active.

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