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Spring Cleanse

Spring is here…and as we begin to notice buds pushing up and out and beginning to bloom, the yang energy of all things begins to take on this same vital force. Yang energy is ascending and expanding in nature. Chinese Medical Texts such as the ”Inner Classic” remind us that it is time to begin to wake early with the sun and be more active. It is important to move our Qi at this time. Even what may seem like small activities like taking a brisk walk or beginning the day with 10 minutes of yoga can have profound influences on our health and well being.


As we transition into Spring, we notice that our appetites decrease. This is a natural and healthy way to begin natural cleanses that our bodies (and livers) need at this time. In TCM, each season relates to its own organ network, and so Spring relates the the Liver and Gallbladder. During this time we emphasize food that have the same yang energy that we see around us. Sprouts, young plants and fresh greens are all great examples. We stay away from the heavy foods that are descending in naure and were a big part of our winter diets. Things like dark miso, heavy soy sauces, fatty foods, sodium laden meats, are all sinking in nature. We should try to avoid these now during the rebirth of Spring.

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