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What is The Cause of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating, overeating, binging, purging, comfort food… There are many ways to describe the action of turning to food when dealing with different emotions. However we choose to call it, the negative effect it has on our bodies is the same. Not only is it a very addictive habit, it is also one that harms our body quickly and over time.

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What Happens When We Eat After 7 P.M

It’s often been argued that not eating after 7 p.m is what’s best for us and our health. Chinese medicine has a very set mindset on this and it agrees that in order to be healthy and have a healthy digestive system, it’s best to avoid eating at night. In Chinese medicine, qi (energy) circulates throughout our body through twelve main channels. For each channel, there is a two hour period during which the energy is the strongest.
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Is Exercise Alone Good Enough for New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

As the New Year begins, we all set our minds to certain resolutions that we hope to change in the upcoming year. Most of us hope to lose some weight. However, some of us are not willing to give up on delicious foods in order to lose weight and prefer to spend a few hours at the gym instead. But is exercising without a healthy diet a good good enough to achieve your weight loss resolution?


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