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Is Ice The Enemy When Treating Injuries?

At HolliBalance Well-being Center, we’ve had many patients with various pain conditions tell us that they often use ice on the pain area as instructed by their orthopedic doctors or physical therapists.  They are instructed to do so especially after doing exercises that involve the affected area. Some of them say that they do feel that ice help the area temporarily. Some of them never tried using heat for their pain because they were never instructed to do so and they thought heat would make the inflammation worse. After their visits at HolliBalance Well-being Center, they started using heat or combining heat and herbal pain spray and they feel that heat lessens the pain a lot more than ice. Some of the patients also pointed out that after using ice, they were still feeling extensive pain at night while sleeping and that the pain diminished after they used heat.  These claims are not surprising because Chinese Medicine has been advising against the use of ice on injuries for

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