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The Longtime Effect of Reoccurring Shoulder Pain

A 62 year old woman who had acupuncture treatments at HolliBalance Well-being Center several years ago came back for treatments of plantar fassciatis (heel pain). Upon examining, she mentioned that her right shoulder joint has been bothering her for over a year and she had quite a lot of pain just combing her hair in the morning. She said she had done physical therapy and the condition improved from its worst time but the pain from doing certain movements still lingers and hadn’t improved in the past six months. She explained that she hadn’t mentioned this issue previously because she was unaware that acupuncture could help improve her pain. However, after only two treatments the pain was noticeably gone and she could comb her hair without any pain.

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Plant Based Diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine

At HolliBalance Well-Being Center, we often have patients come in with complaints related to their digestive system. Some of them experience bloating, frequent loose stool, indigestion and heart burn. More often than not, people don’t understand why they are having so many digestive system problems because they believe that they have been following healthy dietary habits. Many of them have been vegetarians for an extended period of time and thought that they weren’t prone to digestive issues due to their eating habits.

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Yin Yang and Body Types

The strength of traditional Chinese Medicine theories is that we look at every case individually and identify the underlying cause of the conditions due to imbalances from either constitution or post-natal environment. Two people both have similar symptoms of acid reflux. One person is possibly due to the inherent cold condition in the digestive system while the other person is due to excess heat in the stomach. These two people are told to have different body types.

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on balancing Yin and Yang energies within the body. Its ultimate goal is to reach optimal balance. Optimal balance leads to good overall health, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Once body has to reach the peak of its ultimate balance, it is considered healthy and this prevents illness and disease. According to traditional Chinese medicine, each individual is born with a certain body type and each organ is either Yin or Yang dominated. Our body type determines how we live and behave and how we deal with diseases and bacteria. As human beings, we try to balance Yin and Yang energies through our dietary guidelines. This means that our body works to balance the energies through the foods we prefer. The downside here is that sometimes, the energies in our bodies are so uneven and off balance that the diets we think are beneficial to us are actually hurting our health, which is why we have to be aware of our body type and the foods we need to harmonize our organs.


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