Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

Obesity is and has been an increasing problem in the United States. Society has put pressure on the population to look and be a certain way. However, not everyone's body functions the same; genetics play a key role in weight. Many studies have been conducted with patients returning back to their original size following weight gain or loss, although this does not mean that people are completely helpless in maintaining a comfortable weight. Imbalances of the body create disruption in the bodily functions, causing weight gain. Emotional stress or anxiety lead to these imbalances. Some other key elements of weight gain that we have control over are nutrition and exercise. There are also factors that we do not have control over, such as pregnancy, menopause, and surgery.
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Dr. Song will customize a program just for you! Your body will be brought into energetic balance via acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese massage, and special exercises.

Chinese Herbs: Dr. Song creates a unique blind of extraordinary herbs from China to promote your weight loss. These special mixed formulas help balance the body by removing toxins that have been built up, increasing metabolism, and in turn help curb appetite and cravings. It should also be noted that excessive appetite has been linked to emotional stress. Special formulas from HolliBalance are very effective addressing emotional stress-related over-eating.

Acupuncture: Dr. Song uses acupuncture to increase circulation throughout the body. This helps remove waste and promotes loss of fatty tissue, particularly in the abdominal and thigh areas. Acupuncture helps reduce cravings and increase energy. You will want to move your body and be active which will help support your weight loss. Women going through menopause can find themselves gaining weight. Regulating hormones and reducing the menopausal symptoms help prevent this weight gain.

Chinese Massage: Through certain massage techniques, there can be an increase rate of metabolism in the abdominal region. This message helps improve intestinal movement. Water retention can also contribute to difficulty in losing weight. Water retention reflects internal organ disharmonies, especially kidney and digestive system weaknesses.

Exercise movements: Dr. Song takes the time to show you special designed movements derived from Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises that support your weight loss effort. These movements target weight loss in the waist and hip areas.
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Conventional weight loss programs demand extreme action and produce minimal results. Various types of diets require permanent change and many patients find themselves in a vicious "yo-yo" result. They lose the weight and then gain it right back. Conventional weight loss programs focus on the exterior and do not deal with how to fix the problem within. Diet supplements only strain the body more through feeding the body artificial nutrients. They also can cause uncomfortable side effects, such as headaches, increased blood pressure, and frequent diuresis/diarrhea. Depletion of nutrition causes your body to go into starvation mode-the metabolism slows down and fat conservation outpaces fat catabolism. Exercising for weight loss is a clear message in conventional weight loss programs. Although exercise is extremely beneficial, many are over extending themselves. Strenuous amounts of exercise to lose weight only damage the body more, causing it to become more prone to injury and creating pressure on joints. Once activity is stopped, your body will rebound very quickly to the weight it was before, since you had been depleting it of all its energy.

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HolliBalance gives you an all-natural way to loss weight appropriately. After learning extensively about your health history, a program of treatments is prescribed to allow for maximum efficiency. A nutritionist works with you to make sure you understand food so you may knowledgeably consume what is healthy; similarly, Dr. Song uses various Chinese Medicine techniques to create a balance between what you're consuming and how you are physically exerting yourself. Your program will transform how you access and understand your own body, giving you life-long results.

The programs are developed individually to cover each individual's specific needs. The frequency and number of appointments are dictated by an individual's specific weight loss goals. The average amount of weight a patient can lose is 10-15 pounds in a month.
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