Chinese Herbal Medicine for High Cholesterol

"I originally came to see Dr. Song because I had been for my annual physical and been told my Cholesterol was too high. I didn't want to take static drugs and I had heard from a friend of mine that Yi was a very competent herbalist."

"She prepared a herbal formula for me and I took it for 2 months and then went back and got my cholesterol tested again. It was relatively range. So it has been great I just stay on those herbs now and keeps my cholesterol where I want it and haven't had to take any pharmaceuticals and I really like that."

"The only side effects that I've seen have been good ones. My vision got a little better. I used to not be able to read quite so well in bed and that problem wanna went. I am 53 and my vision still great. I don't wear glasses or contacts."

"For anybody who has any health condition where you don't instantly know some solution from the regular medical world, I would recommend that you call Yi because she has an enormous amount of herbal knowledge and she's also a very competent acupuncturist."