Acupuncture for Psoriasis and Migraine Headache

"I developed a little bit of Psoriasis over the past decade but it was getting continually worse and I was going to dermatologist and so on. I also was suffering chronically from pretty bad migraines."

"I was looking at handling those two issues through acupuncture because my success with dermatology was pretty limited."

"The migraines and the stress related headaches that I would get have basically been eradicated altogether. Getting rid of the migraines was really a life changing experience."

"The first time I was here for three hours. She asked me tough questions about people in my family and extended family ancestry, so she gets a more definite approach to the patient. The last time I went to a dermatologist, I was in the office for seven minutes. I don't think the dermatologist knew my name. He looked at me for less than five minutes before he prescribed steroids and other kinds of medications."