Acupuncture for Neck Pain & Migraine Headache

"I had a pain all up in my neck on the right side, and couldn't move up or down side."

"I have a fear of needles but she (Dr. Song) made it very comfortable. She likes to keep a conversation which is really nice. I feel very relaxing (during the treatment)."

"By the third session, everything was completely gone. It was amazing and I got back my dance ability."

"It was very clear what I had to do (at home), and the results were instant."

"It's painless, like you could barely feel it, once the needles are inside you can't feel them at all. It's such a relaxing therapeutic healing process."

"It's important to keep a relationship with your client. She keeps me up and alive, not just like a boring experience. It's not an hour of Doctor and Client. It's also a friendship."