Acupuncture for chronic pain due to automobile accident

"I was in desperate pain and nobody could help me. I was in extreme pain of my head, my neck, my shoulder blades, and my legs. It took few sessions to feel the difference. And it took about six sessions to really-really get on my legs and with my life."

"The pain was affecting my life. I was suffering for three years, until I came to HolliBalance. And I got treatment for the neck, for the head and for the shoulder blades and legs. And finally, I got better after three years of suffering."

"Dr. Song's method are very good and a very caring person. She really spends time with you to really understand your problem. She really cares. It's not just coming to get a treatment but she really cares about you. She did give me exercises to do it at home and she also gave me some spray to use it on my body."

"Most definitely I refer my Mom. Even I bring my Mom for the sessions even though she was afraid of needles as well, but she overcame as well and it has helped her a lot. She had a frozen shoulder and she couldn't even brush her hair but today she does everything now."