Acupuncture for Arthritis

"I have an arthritis in my fingers, bunions on my feet and also have an injury on my shoulder. That all three were extremely painful especially my fingers."

"I received acupuncture and that was initially two times a week when I started and then once a week. I also have an herbal mixed that she prepared for me that I drink daily."

"I took herbs for the arthritis and weight maintenance and energy. She also provided us pain spray which I used every night on my fingers and feet and on my shoulders which was like a miracle thing."

"The results were immediate and really powerful."

"After a couple of treatments, the pain lifted and the flexibility returned in my fingers."

"As soon as I started acupuncture the pain and the black of range of motion disappeared and I felt better in a month. I would highly recommend Dr. Song. She really spends a lot of time listening, talking to you about what is happening to you physically, learning about your medical history and she's very caring."

"The needles of the acupuncture were basically painless and the results were immediate. And I think she's a really great care giver."