Cleansing / Detoxification

We live in an environment with many toxins and when we don't pay attention to our diets and lifestyles, toxins accumulate in the body. A history of smoking or alcohol/drug abuse can further build up toxins. Even if you have led a healthy lifestyle you may have had stress. Stress weakens the body's ability to remove regular waste, free radicals generated from burning calories. If the waste is not removed efficiently there can be long term damage, such as aging of skin, pain, arthritis, body aches, diabetes, and other age related health problems.
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Chinese Medicine increases circulation in the body, which in turn improves the efficiency of toxin removal through improvement of digestive system function. There is, also, improvement in the overall function and body system interaction. Chinese Medicine, in particular, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicines reduces stress and improves emotional well-being. Therefore, there will be less stress on the body and it will function better, making it easier to maintain daily activities. Your body, like a machine, runs optimally and generates fewer free radicals when properly cared for.

For individuals that have accumulated an unusual amount of toxin from smoking, alcohol, or drug abuse, Chinese Medicine is a unique and effective detox method. It not only looks at health damage, but assists with emotional effects. Chinese Medicine helps regulate the person's emotional state and helps them curb cravings that would cause them to relapse.

Other may have an unusually high amount of environmental toxin exposure. In these cases, Chinese Medicine can help by boosting the body's own toxin removal and repair system. Therefore, the environmental toxins do not linger inside of body for a long period of time, causing minimal damage to the body.
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If you lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, you may only need to carry out detox programs once or twice a year. If you have suffered from smoking, alcohol, or drug abuse, it may take one to three months of detox depending on the case. Once the detox is finished, if there are other stresses, the individual may need to go through maintenance session. During stressful time periods, intensive treatment may be required.

Every person is an individual and will require different types of programs. Here at HolliBalance Well-Being Center we make sure that you, as a unique individual, get what you need.

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After you have finished a period of cleanse/detox you must continue to be aware of your lifestyle. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then future cleanse/detox programs only have to be practiced when you feel necessary. However, if you have new health concerns you may need to start another intense program. It is always better to do an early prevention program regularly once or twice a year.