Patricia R. Berglund is a licensed acupuncturist in New York State and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is a diplomate of Oriental Medicine with the NCCAOM (National Certification Committee for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). With a life-long interest in Chinese Arts, coupled with the strong desire to help those in need, it was a natural and seamless transition into the study and practice of Chinese Medicine. She has studied Chinese Ink Painting with a Master Painter and has been studying and practicing Chan Buddhism for over 10 years.

Before moving to Boston, she ran a private practice in Stockholm, Sweden. There, she worked with a diverse population as well as patients from the Clinic for Eating Disorders in Stockholm. She offered treatments at little-to-no cost to all patients of the Clinic.

During Patricia's time earning a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC, Patricia worked at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases as an acupuncturist for the Initiative for Women with Disabilities (IWD). The program serves a high-need population of women with autoimmune diseases in a fast-paced and busy clinic setting.

It is important to Patricia to offer a holistic approach to her treatments. Besides acupuncture, she employs other modalities such as; cupping, gua-sha, e-stim, and tui-na. She imparts to her patients how emotions play a role in physical health, how food is medicine, how mindfulness and meditation have profound effects on health. She explains to her patients how part of the brilliance of Chinese Medicine lies in it's customized approach to each individual. Patricia knows that by empowering patients with the knowledge to care for their minds and bodies...health, wellness and balance are ultimately at each person's grasp.