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Anterior thermal images of the neck and upper thorax in A, B, a 6-year-old, C, D, a 13-year-old, and E, F, a 58-year-old, showing representative examples of the increase in area and temperature of the thermally active supraclavicular region A, C, E, before and B, D, F, 5 minutes after immersion of 1 hand into cold tap water at 20C. Red pixels, 36.5-37.0C; orange pixels, 36.0-36.49C; yellow pixels, 35.5-35.99C
Have you wondered what the cause of your weight gain is?
Or do you want to know what you can do to increase your metabolism?
Maybe you have thought about how you can maintain a healthier lifestyle but do not know where to begin. Have you tried to live healthier but are not sure if you have been doing it correctly? Thermal imaging can help you with all of the above!
Metabolism is very important in maintaining a healthy weight. A good or fast metabolism is a key factor to burning calories and losing the appropriate amount of weight. To obtain a faster metabolism, you have to ensure good circulation throughout your body, as a fast metabolism will not be as effective if you do not have proper circulation of nutrients and oxygen.
Thermal imaging can detect how your metabolism functions to lead to a treatment that can improve it! It detects the blood flow in your body as increased blood supply results in increased temperature. Monitor your blood circulation with thermal imaging to ensure that your body is healthy
Thermal imaging can also help in determining what the cause of weight gain is. It can detect how well your metabolism is and help in diagnosing possible health conditions that may have caused the weight gain. It is possible that your weight gain is caused by the lack of "brown fat". Brown fat is believed to produce heat that burns calories. Thermal imaging can detect how active/hot the areas of brown fat are to deduce whether your body is burning enough calories.